The Man Behind the Mask Kindle ´ Behind the MOBI

The Man Behind the Mask Kindle ´ Behind the  MOBI He had been in hiding for years, but the sight of Dulcie Samples, with her girl next door appeal, was enough to finally draw Prince Valbrand into the light Yet Valbrand, whose face not to mention spirit had taken a serious hit from the assassination attempt that had driven him underground, was sworn to spend all the rest of his days hunting down the enemies who had done this to him And even if he had the time for love, who could see past his scarred face to the man inside Certainly not the beautiful DulcieOr so Valbrand thought But despite the darkness and mystery that surrounded him, Dulcie knew that the half masked man before her was her destiny Now, if only she could convince him that she held both the key to his heart and his kingdom in her trembling hands

10 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Mask

  1. Megan Megan says:

    Hands down, one of the worst books I have ever read I didn t want to give it 1 star, as I usually reserve that rating for books that I can t finish, however, I had to make an exception This book is particularly bad I know it s the fourth book in a four part series, and I wasn t confused, the author did a good job in letting you know what had happened previously The plot is lame and boring I disliked all the characters, but most especially

  2. Lynz Johnston Lynz Johnston says:

    A great end to am awesome series I enjoyed this series alot and was glad to finally read this book There was some formatting errors where it would switch POV and wouldn t break or say there was a switch Not my favorite of the series but I still enjoyed it and how it brought everything to an end including updates ob the others.

  3. Kate Cardenas Kate Cardenas says:

    His disfigured face had kept Prince Valbrand in hiding for years, but the sight of Dulcie Samples was enough to draw him into the light Could Dulcie see past his scars to the man inside Original.This was an awesome read that is all about a price who has a scarred face with a past to go along with it he meets the American Dulcie who is friends with his sister the princess and fall in love at first sight Lots of action and steamy scenes.

  4. Anais101 Anais101 says:

    Un rostro en la sombra

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