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The Marriage Rescue PDF Ï The Marriage  Kindle - Rescued by her enemyWill she meet him at the altar Romani Selina Agres has despised the gentry ever since her mother was murdered by a cruel aristocrat But she s not sure what to think when Edward Fulbrooke, that very man s nephew, rescues her from an angry horde Edward may be different from other nobles, but Selina s distrust runs deep So she s shocked when he proposes marriage to protect her and her people Can she accept The Marriage Rescue is Joanna Johnson s gripping debut

10 thoughts on “The Marriage Rescue

  1. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    YMMV So far as sweet romances go, this is fine light, frothy, easy on the brain The premise is a good one The MCs are adequate likable, excepting the hero s cookie cutter Faithless Female issues That trope is sooooo overused annoying But sweet isn t re

  2. Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) says:

    Wow Just wow, I am completely blown away by this beautiful book If I didn t know that this was Joanne Johnson s debut, I would never have believed it The quality of Ms Johnson s writing is beyond good, she had me gripped from that very first page, I couldn t

  3. Suzannah Suzannah says:

    The Marriage Rescue by Joanna Johnson is a good book I really liked the hero and heroine Edward Fulbrooke is an amazing character kind, compassionate and handsome I liked Romani Selina Agres I thought the pace of the story was a bit too slow I wished forscenes showi

  4. Emma Emma says:

    Edward Fulbrooke had come striding back into her life, his handsome face making her question every rational though she d ever had Romani Selina Agres once helped a young Edward Fulbrooke with an injury to his face Several years later, discovering Edward s young half sister

  5. Kelsey McKnight Kelsey McKnight says:

    Selina Agres hasn t lived an easy life the past twelve years A member of the Romani, she was born into a world that sees her as less than, and is constantly reminded of it She detests the English Gentry and blames them in part for her mother s death And years later, when they ret

  6. Rose Rose says:

    The Marriage Rescue is author Joanna Johnson s debut novel and I must say, I m highly impressed I look forward to seeing what Ms Johnson has for us in the future She is definitely an auto buy for me from now on Edward Fulbrooke is the new Squire of Blackwell Hall since his father s deat

  7. rivka rivka says:

    2.5 starsBetter than the average Harlequin, but no need to re read.

  8. Debbie Debbie says:

    I enjoyed reading the Marriage Rescue very much A debut novel, with believable internal conflicts which are intensified by external events and emotions are heightened as the hero heroine deal with themselves, each other, and external factors, in a marriage of convenience I enjoyed reading the Marriag

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