10 thoughts on “The Night in Question

  1. Kay Kay says:

    3 1 2 Stars Two years ago Julia s whole life became a living nightmare when the private plane her husband and brother in law were on exploded As the person who had handed her husband the wrapped package that contained the bomb, Julia had been convicted of four murders What shocked the jury was that had it not been f

  2. Penny Griffin Penny Griffin says:

    The Night in QuestionJanuary 28, 2003Until The Night in Question came along it seemed like forever since I read an Intrigue I really loved Even Harper Allen s last one wasn t one of her best This one s right up there The Night in Question is an intense read that combines moving characters and a strong mystery Julia and Ma

  3. Alisha Alisha says:


  4. Nakeesha Nakeesha says:

    Two stars means okay, but it really wasn t okay I didn t hate it, but I did finish it so I feel that it should be one and a half stars I used to devour Harlequin novels as a teen I found this one laying around and it fit the parameters of a Book Challenge I was taking Wow Um.wow The crime solving plot was interesting It was twisty tu

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