The Once and Future Wife eBook  Once and Future PDF

The Once and Future Wife eBook  Once and Future  PDF Only duty could bring FBI agent Tracy Roper back to Montana, where her once blissful marriage had been shattered Sheriff Judd Hensley had given her almost everything a wife could want except what she d needed most Now his passionate embrace promised to repair their broken dreamsbut would it mean love for better, or for worse

10 thoughts on “The Once and Future Wife

  1. Vicki Vicki says:

    Judd Hensley and Tracy Roper had been married but they couldn t hold their marriage together after the death of their son,Thadd She is back in town working for the FBI as a forensic anthropologist to help identify the bones found on the Laughing Horse Reservation The hurt feelings on both sides was a big obstacle for them to get by They work together and they talk to each

  2. Nadine Nadine says:

    I was on a reading streak during a week at our cabin I d packed three books and had already finished two, and was thinking I was going to run out of books before our week at the cabin was up I decided to grab one of these old romance novels on the cabin shelf, totally expecting a Harlequin type romance and that it would be a quick and steamy read I was incredibly surprised at how

  3. I ❤ Pepper Martin (Jenn W) I ❤ Pepper Martin (Jenn W) says:

    This book wasn t bad if you were looking for a quick read I wish I had known going into though that you had to read another book just to get the ending to this one I did not like that at all I understand that some books in a series should be read together but to have the book require you to read another just for any sort of ending is something I deeply hate Other than that the book was alr

  4. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Oh this was so GOOD I m a sucker for angst Tracy and Judd sigh So much pain and heartbreak but definitely worth the time and tears

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