The Perennial Matchmaker: Create Amazing Combinations with

The Perennial Matchmaker: Create Amazing Combinations with Want foolproof ideas for pairing favorite perennials with an array of harmonious plant partners but don t know where to start Plantswoman Nancy J Ondra helps you to jump start your perennial garden with her one plant at a time approach for choosing plant partners Having spent thanyears growing and experimenting with perennials and plant combinations, Ondra shares her extensive experience in this in depth guide to eye catching color combinations, dramatic textural displays, and stunning seasonal effects The Perennial Matchmaker featuresindividual perennial profiles, close toexquisite photographs of plant partnerships, and Ondra s insight into the wide array of plants that make great combinations, including annuals, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, and other perennials Each plant profile gives dozens of ideas and suggestions for pairings, including region specific choices, Ondra s top choice perfect match, and an at a glance summary of the best color partnersWhether you are just dreaming of your first perennial garden or are a long time gardener who wants to elevate plantings for a cohesive and exciting look, The Perennial Matchmaker is your go to guide for creating stunning plant medleys

10 thoughts on “The Perennial Matchmaker: Create Amazing Combinations with Your Favorite Perennials

  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    Author seemed to have a good sense of humor and lots of years of practice and knowledge Photos were large and beautiful and showed many unique and creative planting arrangements I mostly just perused this book and looked at the pictures for ideas I m putting it on my Goodreads list to remind myself to go back to it once I get the foundation for a flower garden in place in my yard.

  2. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    I received a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway.If you ve ever wanted to know how to make your garden look like the kind you d see in a magazine, The Perennial Matchmaker is definitely a book you ll want to read With its full colour photographs and simple yet effective guiding text, it tells readers how to combine numerous types of flowers into beautiful arrangements This is a really help

  3. Martha Martha says:

    The timing for this selection was helpful for my purchases this spring Each selection is listed alphabetically with a thorough synopsis on the plant and its growing season, healthy soil, water and sun needs, and selections that show off the best attributes of the perennial The most interesting information for me was the selection of complimentary plants I will have to add plants but may also be a

  4. ShellE ShellE says:

    I am constantly referring back to this book Its chalked full of advice and ideas for someone who dreams about a magazine worthy garden The book helps with pairing bloom times together and companions that will hold up or hide another plants stalks Form, texture and color combos are discussed for each flower This isabout flower and shrubs than vegetables.

  5. Cyndi Smith Cyndi Smith says:

    a lot of info and a lot of stuff to juggle i m not sure this was written the way my mind works so it wasn t for me, but there is a ton of info and detail and it may be exactly what another mind can use

  6. Ed Ed says:

    Interesting combinations for a meadow style garden Perhaps this is forserious senior gardeners the mix between scientific plant names and common names confused me as I think they were a bit inconsistent at a few places

  7. Carla Carla says:

    Great pictures Well organized Got quite a few ideas.

  8. Amy Amy says:

    Hardcover book.

  9. Jim Black Jim Black says:

    First, I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, but that does not impact my review I own a library of gardening books, over 100, and this book belongs in my top two percent It has a generous amount of pictures as you can imagine from the title The text fully explained why the combinations work well together, culturally and visually The author used combinations I ve never seen together and gives further

  10. Nic nittle Nic nittle says:

    Goodreads winThis is a wonderful book I love flowers and have always been horrible had matching them together This book will be a big help The book is filled with photographs The writing is well done and most of everything written in the book makes things easier to understand A very great book and very helpful It is so worth it.

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