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The Sheikhs Claim PDF ´ The Sheikhs  ePUB ✓ Their tempestuous relationship had crashed and burned, and Lujayn Morgan had left Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan to marry another a man who d died soon after And then Jalal and Lujayn had met again and shared one unforgettable night Now there is no denying that Lujayn s son belongs to Jalal.Marriage is the only answer But Jalal is a contender for the throne of Azmahar This unexpected heir could break him or be the key to winning If only he can prove to Lujayn that his claim is not for their son or for the kingdom, but only for her. 3.5 stars As always, Gates delivers with the scorching sex scenes, opening with one of hate revenge sex, but I found this one harder to get into than others I ve read.Part of it was time jumpy we start with the hate sex, almost on top of her husband s coffin, two years after Lujayn left Jalal and IMMEDIATELY married his once best friend , which was after Jalal and Lujayn had had a secret thing going on for four years and then the story picks up two years after that the hate sex which resulted in a secret baby.It is somewhat easier to believe that the baby could have been hidden, since Lujayn is in America and Jalal is in Azmahar or sometimes, Zohayd, both fictional Arabian kingdoms , but stillAs always, Gates does an excellent job of sprinkling in Arabic phrases and giving the English reader the translation The passion between these two characters carries well throughout the novel, but at the end I didn t care whether Jalal s evil mother interrupted the wedding, and I should have. Lujayn Morgan and Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan had carried on a secret affair for four years, until she walked out and married his wealthy best friend Now that her husband is dead, with only a touch, she succumbs to Jalal and they share an unforgettable night proving their passion is still alive In the morning she pleads with him to leave her alone and never try to contact her again But he soon learns he cannot for she has been hiding his child from him Now he has to prove to her he wants to claim her as his wife, not for his son or for the kingdom but for her.This is another emotional masterpiece brought to us by Olivia Gates Unknowbeknownst to him he and his family have inflicted a lot of pain on Lujayn for which he is deeply ashamed of Because of her false assumptions she made a lot of unwise decisions that wronged Jalal But his unwavering bellief in her has her realizing his love is genuine, even when he believes her over his mother Olivia Gates also made me realize again how much fun the banter between the three heroes from her Pride of Zohayd was She also tied in her series Throne of Judar beautifully. This story is so full of twists, turns and fabulous characters I could hardly put it down This is the first book I ve read where I actually was on the hero s side from the very beginning, despite what appearances were showing.The intense, searing emotions in this story had my heart rate doubling.It was heartbreaking reading about Jalal s life being played out almost behind his back by 2 women most important to him Neverthelesss, there it was and it was crushing The intensity and tenderness imbued in Olivia s characters is her trademark and I LOVE it A highly recommended read. Those who know me know that I love a good sheikh book and that I think that OG is one of the best in writing about them, but I am sorry to say this one just didn t hit the mark.It was just a bit too busy, it was well over the top with all the drama and it just didn t seem like a sheikh book A lot of the drama wasn t fully explained especially the bit about Lujayn s marriage to another guy I am so sick and tired of hearing about his mother, the wicked and much disliked exiled queen that I think it is now time that Ms Gates disposed of that character once and for all I am hoping that Rashid s story lives up to what it promises to be and salvages the series.

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