The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride eBook ´ The Sheikh's

The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride eBook ´ The Sheikh's Jessica Sterling has just discovered a life changingsecret In the desert kingdom of Bha Khar is the familyshe never knew she had Little does she realize thatincludes the man she s been betrothed to since birth.Sheikh Kardahl Hourani is rich, gorgeous and justa tiny bit arrogant He s happy to marry, but this broodingprince doesn t have love on his agenda Can Jessica seethe man behind the playboy persona and find her way intohis guarded heart

10 thoughts on “The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride (Harlequin Romance)

  1. Desi Desi says:

    le do en Marzo 2013Normalito

  2. Becky Black Becky Black says:

    Okay Readable, but nothing all that special.

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