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The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone PDF Î A proposition from a virgin Gabriel Stone, Earl of Edenbridge, might have a rakish reputation, but he s also a gentleman of sorts So when respectable Lady Caroline Holt offers her maidenhood in exchange for an estate her father gambled away, his curiosity is roused Gabriel is touched when he learns Caroline is helping her brother he s protected his brothers all his life and has the scars to prove it He s willing to help her, but is shocked when his mission takes him somewhere he never thought he d end up down the aisle

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  1. Caz Caz says:

    4.5 stars This is the fourth and final book in Louise Allen s Lords of Disgrace series, in which the heroes regard themselves as brothers by blood and have always stood by each other through whatever adversity life threw at them Gabriel Stone, the Earl of Edenbridge, has appeared in other books in the series as a somewhat enigmatic character, a man whose responses are guarded and who cares for little except gambling a

  2. Susan Susan says:

    This was an excellent conclusion to the Lords of Disgrace series Of the four men who have been friends since their schooldays, Gabriel is the last bachelor Seeing his friends happiness may explain his growing feelings of boredom with his life That boredom takes a hit when, after a successful night of gambling, Gabriel received a clandestine visit from a respectable young woman.Caroline was horrified when she found out that h

  3. Sonya Heaney Sonya Heaney says:


  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    Picked this one up as a library discard, as it had several of my romance catnips Fierce protective siblings, a marriage of necessity that becomes a love match, and building chemistry between a rake and a sheltered young woman Did not disappoint

  5. Marsha Marsha says:

    Just when you think the romance genre has no surprises, an author manages to pull a different colored rabbit out of this well worn hat Ms Allen manages just that when she has respectable Lady Caroline Holt offer up her virginity in exchange for an estate that had been gambled by her foolish father.Women s virginities were often prize commodities, in literature and in real life No shock there But Lady Holt makes it quite plain that she understand

  6. Mindy Mindy says:

    I loved this book It is the perfect end to a fabulous series Gabriel shows his true ruthlessness in this one His ability to blend in and hide as well as hisnefarious talents He also shows Lady Caroline a bitof withwicked talents, if you know what I mean Caroline is a women who has dealt with a controlling obsessive father for years She is finally at her breaking point when her father tries to force her into a marriage that is completely unagreeable to

  7. Tim Covell Tim Covell says:

    Fabulous opening, a strong female character, and lots of twists But a lot of on again off again, and I have mixed feelings about the notorious rake who s actually decent and honourable It s well supported here, but I have may have read too many of these recently The earlier part of the book, where the hero goes to great lengths to protect the heroine, is great the later part, where the suspense subplot ramps up, did not engage me as much However, it wraps up

  8. Wednesday Wednesday says:

    Definitely my favourite of the 4 books I have liked Gabriel all through the series and his story did not disappoint Caroline is very likeable and it was great to catch up with all the others, although it would have been nice to seeof Grant and Kate A certain part of the Epilogue would be great to see on film and in slow motion

  9. Jeene Hobbs Jeene Hobbs says:

    A delightful, spicy readI started with book 4 of the series just because it was introduced at the end of a totally different novel The first chapter captured my attention so I bought the book Based on what I ve learned of the other couples, I will go back and read their stories

  10. Sharon Sharon says:

    A despicable gambler, who will gamble away everything he deems unimportant and then sell his daughter, a rakish gentleman and a desperate woman The characters are well drawn and there are various twists and turns to hold your interest I m sorry that there will be nobooks to this series.

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