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  ☆ The University of Toronto: A History ePUB ↠ The University of Toronto is Canada s leading university and one of Canada s most important cultural and scientific institutions Covering the history of the University from its origins as King s College into the present, Martin Friedland weaves together personalities, events, and intellectual ideas to create a scholarly, yet highly readable history that includes major figures such as Northrop Frye and Marshall McLuhan, and dramatic events such as the admission of women in the s, the University College fire of , the University s contributions during the First and Second World Wars, and the student protests of the sIn researching and writing the book Friedland drew on archival records, private diaries, oral interviews, and a vast quantity of secondary literature He also drew on his own knowledge of the University as a student in the s, and later as a faculty member and dean of law who was involved in some of the issues he discussesThe history of the University of Toronto as described by Friedland is intimately connected with events outside the University Transitions in Canadian society such as that from the early dependence on Great Britain and fear of the United States to the present dominance of American culture and ideas can be seen mirrored in the University One can also trace the affects of the two World Wars, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War As Canadian society and culture developed and changed through the latter half of the twentieth century, do too did the university this university s history is the history of Canada and all CanadiansThe first history of the university in seventy five years, The University of Toronto A History will be published to coincide with the University s th anniversary Anyone who attended the University or who is interested in the growth of Canada s intellectual heritage will enjoy this compelling and magisterial work

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    Finally finished this beast of a book Enjoyed it tremendously Loved the history of how UT started out as King s College and how all the colleges eventually became affiliated with the University The book gives you a good sense of how at the beginning Toronto was a university town and the impact the University had on the city and vice versa Great biographies of each president Some of the details about the many versions of the governing council and

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