The Wedding Must Go On PDF ¿ Must Go MOBI ô The

The Wedding Must Go On PDF ¿ Must Go  MOBI ô The Designs on the best man With his best friend s wedding suddenly cancelled, and an important business deal riding on it, Nate Sparks needs to get them back up the aisle ASAP The best person to help is feisty maid of honour Roxy Trammel otherwise known as TroubleLuckily Roxy also needs this marriage to go ahead her reputation as a wedding dress designer depends on it Nate proposes a plan to get the jilted lovers back together and if it doesn t work He ll walk Roxy down the aisle in her design himself All Roxy can wonder is is that a threator a promise

10 thoughts on “The Wedding Must Go On

  1. Desere Desere says:

    Robyn Grady completely stunned me this time around This book not only had the blazing hot passion and beautiful elements of love to be found, but also a real twist that gave the book the perfect on the other side there is love feeling.The characters of Nate and Roxy were simply gorgeous Both of th

  2. Melissa Maxwell Melissa Maxwell says:

    I really loved the book Nate has a family blessing that he sees as a curse because once they meet the one they know instantly and they become so involved with their happiness everything else is not important He knew the moment he kissed Roxy she was the one but that terrified him to the point where he ran

  3. Tin Tin says:

    Light, sweet, sexy and romantic.

  4. Shanelle Shanelle says:

    Very mediocre Was rather bored in the first half of the book Robyn Grady is usually much better.

  5. Tia Tia says:

    It was a cute novel with lovely characters I enjoyed the chemistry between the hero and heroine The drama of cause and effect was pretty epic too.

  6. Susans book review Susans book review says:

    love the book one that was hard to put down

  7. Kat Kat says:

    I liked it

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