Thunder Jim Wade: The Complete Series PDF/EPUB ✓

Thunder Jim Wade: The Complete Series PDF/EPUB ✓ Available for the first time the complete saga of Thunder Jim Wade Written by fantasy legend Henry Kuttner, this collection reprints all five adventures of Thunder Jim Wade fromLong discounted as a Doc Savage clone, THUNDER JIM WADE THE COMPLETE SERIES brings to life this classic pulp hero and shows him to be much than a knock off Includes an all new introduction by pulp historian Will Murray

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  1. Timothy Mayer Timothy Mayer says:

    From May through September of 1941, Henery Kuttner published five Thunder Jim Wade novelettes in the Thrilling Wonder Stories Kuttner would go on to science fiction literary success for his many short stories and novels until passing away in 1958 The Thunder Jim Wade stories were all attributed to Charles Stoddard , a house pseudonym used by the Thrilling Wonder editors Mostly forgotten today, the stories were considered Doc Savage imitat

  2. Emb021 Emb021 says:

    We have another great hero pulp collection from Altus Press This short lived hero pulp series is collected completely for the first time Written by the well known sf author Henry Kuttner, who married another well known sf author, CL Moore, these stories were published under the house name of Charles Stoddard Obviously, this meant the character was owned by the publisher who is now defunct, so the character is apparently public domain The stories

  3. Ray Ray says:

    Great pulp adventure This was like reading a Doc Savage story, but, at the risk of blasphemy, I think Henry Kuttner wrote better than Lester Dent It s too bad Kuttner only wrote 5 stories I would ve loved to read

  4. Timothy Boyd Timothy Boyd says:

    Early pulp stories by this extremely prolific writer Thunder Jim is not as good as the later fantasy and SiFi stories but still a good read Recommended

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