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To Kiss a Count ePUB ¾ To Kiss  PDF/EPUB or Leaving exotic Sicily behind, and with it her heart, Thalia Chase returns to England to visit her sister and to try to forget the enigmatic Italian Count di Fabrizzi She s shocked to suddenly see him in Bath and in the company of a suspected thief Marco, Count di Fabrizzi, is on a dangerous mission and doesn t need the beautiful Lady Chase hindering his progress But she is intent on adventure so what is a gentleman to do when a lady is so insistent, and so very passionate

10 thoughts on “To Kiss a Count

  1. Marina P Marina P says:

    This book felt rather like a YA historical romance As the third youngest of four sisters, Thalia Chase dreamed of a real purpose in life and wished to prove to her family that she could be counted and relied on I did not read the previous two books of this series, so I was not ab

  2. Mary Craven Mary Craven says:

    I have now read the first three Chase Muse books While they can stand alone, they make muchsense when read all together The search for the temple silver spills over into book three from book two Now it is Thalia, the third sister, to continue the search She stumbles across Marco,

  3. Liquidsilver Liquidsilver says:

    Great Book

  4. Kristina Kristina says:

    Such a FABULOUS plot I love love LOVE this series Soooooooo good _

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