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Train Man  Kindle Ö Train Man  Kindle - Brilliant Profoundly Affecting A Beautiful Story Ruth Jones, Author Of Never GreenerMichael Is A Broken Man He S Waiting For TheTo Gloucester, So As To Reach Crewe ForThe Platforms Are Long At Crewe, And He Can Walk Easily Into The Path Of A High Speed Train To London He S Planned It All A Net Of Tangerines For When The Refreshments Trolley Is Cancelled , And A Juice Carton, Full Of Neat Whisky To Make Identification Swift, He Has Taped His Last Credit Card To The Inside Of His ShoeWhat Michael Hasn T Factored In Is A Twelve Minute Delay, Which Risks Him Missing His Connection, And Making New Ones He Longs To Silence The Voices In His Own Head Ex Girlfriends, Colleagues, And The Memories From His Schooldays, Decades Old They All Torment Him What Michael Needs Is Somebody To ListenA Last, Lonely Journey Becomes A Lesson In The Power Of Human Connection, Proving That No Matter How Bad Things Seem, It S Never Too Late To Get Back On TrackJourneys Intersect People Find Hope When And Where They Least Expect It A Missed Connection Needn T Be A Disaster It Could Just Save Your Life But that s who I am that s me That s why I had nowhere to go, and why I was going nowhere Michael MacMillan is a 56 year old man who arrives at his local train station to make an important journey Armed with a juice carton filled with whisky, and with a bank card safely stored inside one of his shoes for identification, he is setting off for an important rendezvous with a particular train at Crewe the one he intends to walk out in front of to end his life With three failed relationships behind him, a series of disastrous jobs that have resulted in disciplinary investigations, and a whole pile of financial problems, what has he got left to live for Maria is a 30 something Filipino who has three jobs, a husband in the UAE, and six children back home being looked after by her mother She is taking a precious couple of days to travel to climb Higher Lee Ridge, recommended to her by one of her patients in the hospice where she works.Ayesha is travelling back to the family home carrying her brother s guitar, which is to be given to a friend of the family Her brother Kristin died three years ago, aged just thirteen.Morris is a street hustler, a sixteen year old kid turning tricks for cash and desperate His contacts send him from one place to another and he ends up being beaten up and left without any money to travel home.Andrew Mulligan s novel takes these characters and weaves a story of connections and random meetings th There is a readability to this tale of a sad sack who wants to walk under a moving train, but boy is it bleak Stick to Mitch Albom, and the likes, for much inspiring redemption stories Not only is our hero a s Wanders and meanders all over the place jumping from suicidal and dark sexual thoughts to train station announcements If there was a plot it got lost Based on the published premise of this book, I think when I picked it up I must have been in quite a sentimental frame of mind This is not what I would normally read It is not that I don t appreciate life affirming novels if that is a category but I have in the past found them a little twee and one dimensional We know that there is a very defined trajectory and destination, this is obvious from the start The story may be interesting, affecting and genuinely moving at times and indeed there may be certain surprises along the way, but we all know the final terminus to which we are heading and the approximate route we will take to get there Train Man falls squarely into the life affirming novel category but it is one of the better ones The biggest difficulty I had with the book was not the sentimentality that I thought I would have a problem with but that much of the novel has a certain stream of consciousness feel Michael the main character thinks back on his life and considers events that have proved significant and reimagines what could have been done differently This can be illuminating and helps develop the characters but it frequently simply becomes tedious.That being said, there is much to be praised both in terms of the quality of the storytelling and the real value of the main character s story these are tough, important and rarely broached subjects which are sensitively and considerately handled So although As the reader steps onto the platform they meet Michael, 56 years old awaiting the 09 46 to Gloucester to reach Crewe for 11 22 We quickly learn he is anxious, a little awkward and has calculated everything down to the last second With no return ticket needed, Crewe will be his last destination Mulligan effortlessly immerses you in the moment, transfixed by Michael s world as you travel alongside him desperate to discover what has brought him to such a final drastic decision It s heartbreaking to read as you inhale the sweet smell of tangerines while being startled by the abrupt train announcements It s First Class writing, sorry, pardon the pun Couldn t help it But it is.As the narrative progresses we learn that Michael is miserable, broken and doesn t want to get married He has lost his job, is in a bottomless pit of debt and keeps being taunted by the unspeakable things he suffered in his school days As his story slowly unfolds you become attached and wish that there was something you could do to help To scream out, Please, don t do it It s emotional and I felt helpless Towards the end I saw him as an old friend, a friend that only wanted someone to listen and show him love.On Michael s journey to his ever changing fate, he meets a variety of characters Some friendly than others Each has a purpose, whether it was to share experiences or help him find his way We also h Michael has decided that today he will take his own life Maria is working three jobs and sending money home to her family They are two strangers, with little in common, whose paths meet on this day There is a lot of darkness in this book before we reach for the light Michael, in particular, is haunted by his past But it is only at the end of the readers journey that we can appreciate the qualities of this book and how random everything can be and that we can find hope eve A very mixed bag of ramblings, conversations and observations The main character, Micheal, sees no way out from the troubles of his life apart from suicide He embarks on a journey through England via trains, changing his mind of what to do and where Many of us have probably had the experience of travelling by train and idly wondering about our fellow passengers where are they going, what s the purpose of their journey We may also have had the experience of being drawn into polite, inconsequential conversations with fellow travellers or of watching passengers struggle with luggage, unpack and repack belongings, and so on Michael s journey, and those of the other characters in the book, is punctuated by just such encounters.In Michael s case they prompt him to construct elaborate and often farfetched stories about the people he meets perhaps they might become friends or be present at momentous moments in each other s lives In fact, Michael s thoughts often involve him creating fictional versions of his own life in which he is a much successful, better version of himself In reality he s something of a loner who tends to be overly intolerant of petty bureaucracy and breaches of rules by others when his own life, arguably, is littered with significant failings This might make him a slightly irritating or unsympathetic character was it not for what the reader gradual I wasn t too sure what to expect from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed reading train man Not only do you hear about Micheal s story, we get to know some of the other people that are riding the train with Micheal and we hear their stories too It is a stor

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