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Trusting the Sheriff PDF ↠ Trusting the  eBook An engaging mystery romance set in an Amish community Police detective Abby Baker can t remember who killed her partner Neal Her colleagues at the precinct think it could be her When Abby seeks shelter with her mother s Amish relatives she meets handsome sheriff Caleb Tanner There s one problem Caleb thinks Abby might be the killer.I really enjoyed Trusting the Sheriff The story moves forward at a decent pace Abby is likeable and Caleb is an attractive hero. A powerful read that grabs you from the start and keeps you in a race that will pit law enforcement against a Ex Detective and a County Sheriff to find the truth about a shotting that took her partners life and coused her to not remember what happened It s fast paced all the way until the end. Disappointing I knew the bad guy way before the end and was making suggestions to the author in my head way early in the plot too Therefore I was not captured by the story as I would have expected. A good read, love reading Intrigue Books. Is she a good cop gone bad If only she could remember Suffering amnesia, injured detective Abby Baker can t believe her sergeant actually thinks she killed her partner Enter Sheriff Caleb Tanner, tasked with learning Abby s secrets while she hides from a murderer and recuperates at her Amish relatives farm But the Tanner digs, the he s attracted to Abby And the less convinced he is of the accusations against her

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