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Twice in a Blue Moon  Kindle Æ a Blue  PDF ↠ Can True Love Strike Twice After The Death Of Her First Love, Melanie Michaels Buries Her Grief In The Risky Demands Of A Reality Show, Where Her Extreme Stunts Leave Her Teetering On The Edge Danger That S Exactly Where She Wants To Be Until She Arranges For Her Crew To Traverse The Swedish Lapland In The Dead Of Winter It S The One Place She Shouldn T Go, On The One Day She Should Avoid Her Would Be Wedding AnniversaryInstead Of Romantic Nights Spent In The Ice Hotel Or Under The Northern Lights, Melanie Is Stuck With Joe Buck Wright, A Snarky Loner Tour Guide Who Loves His Sled Dogs And Nothing And No One Else But Buck Is Also Trying To Numb A Painful Past Can Two People Skilled At Pushing Others Away Find Warmth At The Edge Of The Arctic

10 thoughts on “Twice in a Blue Moon

  1. Jasmyn Jasmyn says:

    The setting in Twice in a Blue Moon really got me I soooo want to go see the Ice Hotel and the Northern Lights now The whole arctic wilderness was a fantastic setting for this romance Both characters love the wilderness but for different reasons They thrive under very physical conditions, and I think I ...

  2. Margaret Sholders Margaret Sholders says:

    This book really touched me I wasn t sure where this story was going but it was a grand trip I liked how Cate took the story line She developed her people into real folks but I never did quite get Hayden Melanie got my heart She developed a reality show to get her close to her late love of her life, Pete Now she runs into Buck in Sweden He works for Nature Guide Tour Bu

  3. M.L. M.L. says:

    My rating for this book is 3 1 2 out of 5 This was a nice, feelgood story about living life on the edge in order to find yourself.After losing her first love, Melanie becomesan adventurer, risk taker She ends up goingto a beautiful snow covered location in theSwedish Lapland that is describedperfectly in this book I would love to see theN...

  4. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    Review to come

  5. Books Movies Fandoms Books Movies Fandoms says:

    My Star Rating for Twice in A Blue Moon is 3 1 2 out of 5 stars.My Blogging Reader s Review after reading an ARC Copy of TWICE IN A BLUE MOON via I just finished reading a copy of Twice In A Blue Moon by Cate Masters The setting and description of the scenery mentioned within the story make you feel like you are there, seeing everything from the beautiful

  6. Maria Maria says:

    ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review I can describe this book in in one word cute No, it wasn t one of those books that will leave an everlasting impression on me for the rest of my life but it was pleasurable to read just the same Plus, the fact that it takes place in a very wintery part of the world goes along with the Christmas mood and it s a fitting book to read for this time o

  7. Sandy Sandy says:

    Twice in a Blue Moon is a book that I wasn t sure about when I requested it It sounded interesting, but the cover could have used a little work and there were no real reviews on Goodreads when I requested it So I took a chance I was looking for something contemporary to review and didn t have too many review books in that genre at the time Of course as these things go, I got approved for several con

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    I received this book free from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I chose this book to review because it I had never heard of the author before and because this is not my usual type of book Because of that, it took me longer to finally start reading this book However, once I did, I was definitely not sorry.This is a very quick book to read mostly because the story grabbed my att

  9. Sally Sally says:

    Can true love strike twice When Melanie Michaels first love died, she buried herself in grief doing risky stunts on a reality show She wanted to live on the edge of danger, knowing it was a matter of time before her luck ran out She arranged for her crew to go to the Swedish Lapland in the winter because it would have been her wedding anniversary However, she didn t experience romantic nights with her husband,

  10. Dan Curnutt Dan Curnutt says:

    Melanie Michaels has lost the love of her life, Pete Buck Wright has lost the love of his life, Poppy Both are lost in the state of heartbrokenness Melanie has run away from her pain by becoming the host of a reality TV show that shows her being a dare devil in every out of the way place in the world Buck has run away from his pain by moving to Sweden to the frozen tundra to be a sled dog guide and live where there a

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