Uneasy Partners: Multiculturalism and Rights in Canada PDF

Uneasy Partners: Multiculturalism and Rights in Canada PDF A taut compilation of very lucid arguments debating Multiculturalism in Canada and its impact in particular, on Equality rights and Religious Rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms A wonderful, illuminating read that fosters public discourse in a civil society, as it should, that is being severely curtailed in an increasingly polarizing, populist view taken by a number of people around the world. Great set of essays Love Janice Stein, great world view Civil discussion yet, open and honest about multicultural issues for the most part All those in today s highly polarized society should read this. If you ve ever found yourself sitting and discussing with friends issues such as the wearing of veils at school, not being able to bring a gay boyfriend to a Catholic school grad, tolerance verses acceptance, etc and wanting to feel a biteducated about your opionions, then read this book It s a great collection of essays looking at many aspects of the tenuous relationship between freedom of religion and equal rights. After decades of extraordinary successes as a multicultural society, new debates are bubbling to the surface in Canada The contributors to this volume examine the conflict between equality rights, as embedded in the Charter, and multiculturalism as policy and practice, and ask which charter value should trump which and under what circumstances The opening essay deliberately sharpens the conflict among religion, culture, and equality rights and proposes to shift some of the existing boundaries Other contributors disagree strongly, arguing that this position might seek to limit freedoms in the name of justice, that the problem is badly framed, or that silence is a virtue in rebalancing norms The contributors not only debate the analytic arguments but infuse their discussion with their personal experiences, which have shaped their perspectives on multiculturalism in Canada This volume is a highly personal as well as strongly analytic discussion of multiculturalism in Canada today

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