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Unti Love Street Book Epub ☆ Unti Love  ePUB Visually arresting, irresistibly sexy, and ferociously funny, this faux s pulp love magazine is the perfect beach read, coffee table accessory, or gift from the brain that brought you theyellowhairedgirlDedicated to broken hearted girls who will always love againHave you ever hooked up with a homeless hottie who stole your heart, but then also your potato chips Flaked out on friends and changed the course of your entire life after meeting the perfect guy before discovering his multiple undiagnosed anti social personality disorders Planned a What Would Dolly Parton Do day but then realized you have no hair spray and just ate raw cookie dough by yourself instead If it s happened to Leah Rachel, it can happen to you Instagram s insanely popular Yellow Haired Girl, unloads in this brutally funny and vibrantly illustrated book about love, fluids, resilience, pain, and owning the whole marvelous mess we call womanhoodFilled with quizzes, recipes for the lost, mad libs, puzzles, horoscopes, and raw personal essays, Love Street is packed with screw it all advice on sex, drugs, diets, dating, self esteem, body image, friends, romance, masturbation, fashion, and crashing into love so fast and hard you re as sure as your lost dignity it s the real thing This unique, eye popping work of pulp art is both aspirational and cringingly relatable This is for any woman who isn t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, no matter how many times it s been through the washer Paper dolls included

10 thoughts on “Unti Love Street Book

  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    I received this book for free as part of an Instagram tour TLC Book Tours specifically I did to promote the book.I always love a good coffee table book and this one was perfect This book is a spoof on 80 s pulp love magazines I loved the whole vibe of it The photographs were amazing The aesthetic was very retro Los Angeles meets millennial women.I loved the antidotes that the a

  2. BookTrib.com BookTrib.com says:

    Leah Rachel may still be finding her voice in the early stages of her career, but she s quickly attaining the recognition she deserves As the writer and creator of Chambers, Netflix s recent horror series about a girl whose heart transplant goes awry, Rachel s definitely got chops for writing scary stories, but her true writing interests lie elsewhere.On her Instagram page theyellowhair

  3. Giovanna Bisi Giovanna Bisi says:

    It cured me.

  4. Kristine Kristine says:

    The personal essays were interesting and the book feels very honest But on the whole it s lacking something Too many pictures that take up the whole page and not enough content.

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