Wave of Destruction: The Stories of Four Families and

Wave of Destruction: The Stories of Four Families and This exquisitely written book puts a human face on the tragedy of last year s Southeast Asian tsunami through the heartbreaking and heroic stories of four who survived this cataclysmic natural disasterErich Krauss arrived in the Thai village of Nam Keam on a relief truckdays after an underwater earthquake of unimaginable magnitude erupted across the ocean floor and unleashed a tsunami that destroyed millions of lives and decimated the coastline of Southeast Asia Wandering around the wreckage in a contamination suit, trying to deliver food and water, he found survivors desperate to tell him what their village had been like and how their lives had been changed forever In Wave of Destruction, Krauss shares the pain and privation of four villagers who made it through alive only to bury their family and friendsBeginning with their fight for life as afoot wave crashed down upon their community, and ending with their slow, confusing quest to rebuild after the last of the bodies had been buried, Krauss unveils the actions and thoughts of ordinary people who were forced to brave extraordinary circumstances Much like John Hersey did in his acclaimed book Hiroshima, Krauss, a gifted writer and expert in Thai culture, allows the reader to experience one of the worst disasters the world has ever known through the eyes of those who will never be able to forget

10 thoughts on “Wave of Destruction: The Stories of Four Families and History's Deadliest Tsunami

  1. Cristi Cristi says:

    Great, personal stories of tragedy and resilience from Nam Khem after the 2004 Indian tsunami Author did an amazing job of introducing the characters to the reader and telling the reader how the events unfolded that day and the aftermath I didn t like the way the author portrayed the Christian missionaries but unfortunately his account in this case

  2. Nathan Albright Nathan Albright says:

    It is easy to have compassion on the subjects of this book, as they represent the sort of Thai person I knew well when I lived in the country, even though I lived in the northern part of the country and not in the area near Phuket, which is where this book is focused The author himself is one of those humanitarians who visited Thailand in the aftermath of

  3. Taylor Taylor says:

    I remember the Boxing Day Tsunami well I was only 14 or so, but I remember seeing the death toll rising, seeing videos and images of the waves and their aftermath, the donation box set up in our school lunch line I have always had a sort of fascination with this horrible disaster When I found Wave of Destruction on my library shelf I immediately checked it out, ho

  4. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    In this work of non fiction, Erich Krauss chronicles the story of four Thai families from the small village of Nam Keam through the worst disaster to strike Thailand ever the Tsunami of 2004.This book is the perfect look at the tragedy that struck on the morning of December 26, 2004 Getting to know the families where they came from, how the couples met, how they struggled

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    So many of the stories we hear about the tsunami that hit Asia in 2004 are from the perspective of foreigners who were there on vacation This book tells the stories of four Thai families that lived through that terrible event.

  6. Paul Moran Paul Moran says:

    Amazingly evocative and heartfelt re telling of the devastating events of the boxing day tsunami in 2004 This book follows the story of 4 families experience of the Tsunami and the immediate aftermath, before giving a quick description of how they all struggled to get their lives, those who survived, back together in the few months following Of course at the point in which the book ends,

  7. Laura Gurrin Laura Gurrin says:

    This is an excellent book The author tells the story of four Thai families from Nam Khem, a poor and rather dangerous fishing village in one of the areas hardest hit by the 2005 tsunami The first third of the book introduces us to the families, and the area giving us a good grounding and a connection to the people, most of whom have worked hard all their lives for a very marginal standard of liv

  8. Pat Roberts Pat Roberts says:

    This is not pleasant reading, but it should be required reading for any American 12 years and beyond Let s face it We really do take what we have for granted This beautifully told story true is about four Thai families before the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004, and after These people had little to nothing before the disaster, even less after What they had to do to earn a living just to build a tiny l

  9. Michael Arden Michael Arden says:

    An excellent look at the great tsunami of December 26, 2004 that killed thousands in Southeast Asia, focusing on a group of survivors in one Thai village that was nearly levelled It shows graphically the struggle to survive the successive waves and the aftermath including finding the bodies of loved ones, having injuries treated in hospitals stretched beyond their limit and how some took advantage of the traged

  10. Kallen Kentner Kallen Kentner says:

    I picked this book up because I m planning a trip to thailand and I always like looking into nonfiction books about major events in teh area This book did not dissapoint, giving me a great run down on the Tsunami and how it affected people at tehe personal level In addition, it gave me a better sense of culture for the area Poignat, well researched, and well written, I defintily recommend to anyone trying to improve th

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